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About Us

CN Water provides the world’s best water technology products, projects and lifecycle management solutions to meet the unique needs of the global pharmaceutical, life sciences and process manufacturing industries.

World-Class Water Solutions

CN Water

Products, Projects and Lifecycle Management

With a history spanning over 30 years, CN Water has become India’s best-known high purity water solutions company. We bring world-class and state-of-the-art water technology to pharmaceutical, life sciences and process manufacturing organizations, for whom water is a mission critical component.

We offer the best and most innovative water treatment products across all grades of water, complemented by our deep

understanding of local water conditions and compliance with global standards of FDA, cGMP, cGAMP, USP and Ph Eur. We focus on delivering unmatched water expertise, GLOCAL execution and Total Quality Management.

Our unique, technology-driven service delivery model helps organizations address plant installation, operations and maintenance needs across the entire water system lifecycle.

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Our Vision

Building trust and quality

Our Vision

We believe that the quality and performance of water systems is a strategic need that impacts all facets of operations, including quality, performance, efficiency, cost and competitiveness. We are committed to providing the highest standards of water quality to all our customers, in accordance with global best practices and regulatory needs.

We aim to address immediate and long-term water treatment needs through the latest technology, process innovation, technical knowhow and deep, knowledge-driven engagements with our customers.

Our Strengths

Why leaders choose CN Water

Our Strengths

Water Expertise

With more than 250 experienced water system professionals, CN water has helped many customers handle diverse water system challenges like feed water inconsistencies, microbial contamination, quality control and validations, cost of ownership and regulatory norms. Our expertise includes:

  • Understanding of local water conditions – potability, source contamination, climatic and regional specifications
  • Strong knowledge of compendial and non-compendial water purification systems and processes
  • Strong execution experience for Phase 1 and continuous validation
  • Regular monitoring of plant performance and feed water quality with corrective actions

World Class Technology

We are strategic partners to BWT, the world leader in PW, HPW, WFI and pure steam generation. CN Water has been a BWT partner for two decades. Our customers benefit from the world’s leading product lines combining best process engineering, premium components and technologies, highest quality manufacturing and assembly, cGMP compliant documentation and validation, validated automation solutions and comprehensive services for the entire life-cycle.

Total Quality Management Approach

Our dedicated engineering, support and maintenance teams are committed to providing end-to-end support across the entire lifecycle of the system. Our Total Quality Management approach helps you minimize business losses due to quality and regulatory issues, supply chain downtime and adverse impact on reputation. It includes:

  • Centralized planning, review and monitoring of plant installation under expert technical supervision
  • Comprehensive and standardized Quality Assurance methodology and quality systems End-to-end automation of Service Management process – with complete transparency and accountability across the service cycle, covering diagnosis, resolution, feedback and closure
  • Comprehensive, ASME compliant documentation with 100% traceability

Our History

A pioneer in high purity water systems

Our History

CN Water began as Nishotech Systems in 1989 with the goal of being India’s leading pharma water project company. Over the years, the company became a pioneer in hygienic water generation and distribution technologies and systems in India, carrying out large water system implementation projects for several MNCs and large Indian pharmaceutical companies.

In 2003, CN Water emerged from a strong global partnership between Christ Water Technology AG (Now part of BWT Group, Europe’s No 1 water technology company) and Nishotech Systems. This enabled the company to capitalize on BWT's decades of global experience in pharmaceutical water treatment and deliver world class technologies, products and project execution standards to the Indian pharmaceutical industry.

Since 2003, CN Water has been strategically aligned with BWT, leveraging BWT’s extensive portfolio of water treatment products and automation solutions, while adding its own local expertise and understanding of complex industry needs

BWT: Our Worldwide Partner

World leader in water technology

Our History

Founded in 1823, the BWT Group is one of the largest and most widely recognized names in the high purity water industry globally. CN Water is one of BWT’s 80+ affiliates and subsidiaries across the world. For nearly two decades, BWT has leveraged CN’s local experience, expertise and engineering capabilities to deliver world-class products to Indian pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies.

With a vision to become the world’s market-​leading water technology group, BWT looks at CN Water as a key business enabler for South East Asia, and India in particular. Today, CN Water is solely responsible for all BWT Pharma product and service operations for the Indian market.

With the goal of creating eco-friendly water technology products, BWT works closely with CN Water to understand the unique needs of Indian companies and adapt its products to meet these needs. . Today CN Water carries forward BWT’s vision for being a trusted water partner, building long-term customer relationships, and sustainable water technology - for You and Planet Blue!