Total Cost of Ownership Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership

Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership (including direct and indirect costs) of a water system enables your organization to build a robust operational model, minimize unplanned downtime and maximize ROI

Total Cost of Ownership

Opex Control

Understanding indirect and business impact costs

Traditionally water systems have been perceived largely as a capital expense. With time, as plants get older, operating expenses tend to increase due to growing maintenance costs, upgrades, replacement of spares and changing water recoveries. However, this is not the only cost that impacts a water system. In the mid to long-term, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a water system –

including indirect costs and business impact costs – rise by many multiples due to factors like regulatory non-compliance, unplanned downtime, source water challenges, unavailability of spares, skill shortages and volume inconsistencies. Issues like non-compliance and plant downtime lead to distribution pressures, with a massive impact on revenue, profitability and market credibility.

Total Cost of Ownership

Lifecycle Management

Minimizing risks across the system lifecycle

Our Strengths

CN Water takes a holistic view of the water system operating cost, factoring every operating cost across the entire life cycle of the plant. It provides a range of programs and offerings tailored to make this happen – focused on the major cost heads

Some of the focus areas of lifecycle management are preventive maintenance programs, spares and consumables management, operations & maintenance services, training programs and engineering assessments.

With over 150 highly experienced lifecycle management professionals, CN Water has raised and successfully resolved more than 2,000 service requests, supporting over 350 plants nationwide.

  • Setting Up New Systems

    Setting Up
    New Systems

  • Process Engineering


  • System Harmonization


  • Commissioning and Qualification

    and Qualification

  • System Assessments and Audits

    System Assessments
    and Audits

  • Water Quality and Compliance

    Water Quality
    and Compliance

  • Running Day to Day Operations

    Running Day to
    Day Operations

  • Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

    Troubleshooting and
    Problem Solving

  • Preventive and Proactive Maintenance

    Preventive and
    Proactive Maintenance

  • Service Request Management

    Service Request

  • System Upgrades


  • Complete Documentation