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Lifecycle management is a critical component of your plant health, requiring extensive monitoring, prompt response and high availability of spares. We offer world-class lifecycle management services that help you drive total quality management principles, for better quality, efficiency and safety.

Lifecycle Management Services


Efficient water system management across the lifecycle

Feed water quality, regulatory requirements and legacy equipment have made water system maintenance a major challenge for companies that require clean utilities. Operational issues have repeatedly been a key reason for lost production, product recalls, non-compliance, and rise in Total Cost of Ownership.

CN Water offers a portfolio of services to help our customers efficiently run their water systems. We help customers achieve optimum performance of water systems at the lowest possible running costs and carry out process improvements to maximize productivity.

CN Water

Baseline Support

CN Water guarantees a baseline experience to all our installed water systems, using our experienced Customer Relationship team and a strong technology platform for effective issue resolution. We assign a dedicated customer relationship executive for support on issues, updation and knowledge sharing. We provide a digital interaction through our next-generation Cloud-hosted Service Request Management (SRM) application, which allows you to log technical issues and get on-demand support for troubleshooting, diagnosis and issue resolution. The Baseline Support package covers real-time monitoring of your Septron EDI modules through a mobile application. We have also simplified spares procurement and management by providing a specific price list for spares, available on-demand and customized for your installation. Click here to see the list of available spares.

Baseline Package

Frontline Support

In addition to the above services, CN Water recommends that all customers leverage our Frontline Support package, which is a structured and outcome-based offering to improve plant performance and longevity. This package includes a Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP), a comprehensive health checkup service powered by a proprietary analytical platform that shares & leverages insights from plant performance. We also provide Planned Spares (PS) & Scheduled Calibrations that are completely managed by CN Water.

Frontline Package

Premium Support

For customers who want to outsource water system management completely, CN Water takes full ownership of plant outcomes & proactively optimizes their TCO. This is done through certified personnel, comprehensive maintenance, SLA management (Plant Uptime, MTTR, lead times ++) & dedicated supply chain. To know more, please reach out to your Customer Relationship representative or email us at

Premium Package