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Value Added Services

CN Water offers advanced learning and assessment programs around water system design, installation, commissioning, operations, monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting

Value Added Services


Capabilities to enhance water system performance

The CNergy Learning and Certification program is the result of the amalgamation of our years of experience, our research in the field of water and our combined expertise in the field of high purity water system design, installation, commissioning, operations, monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Guided by our research and experience, we charted out the critical competencies required for operations and maintenance of water systems. We then translated these competencies into several learning modules that help customer teams improve productivity and technical knowledge related to high purity water.


Learning & Certifications

CN Water provides comprehensive instructor-led training sessions and OEM certification programs across multiple areas of water system design, implementation and operations. Our subject matter experts and mentors are certified by our partner company BWT, Switzerland for high purity water treatment processes & products. They have also conducted several in-house courses on pharmaceutical water production and regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical companies.

These Subject Matter Experts have 15-25 years of hands-on experience in high purity & industrial water treatment process / clean utility systems, across different aspects like design, project execution, installation, commissioning, qualification and services.

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Learning & Certifications

Engineering Assessment

Existing production sites face significant challenges with respect to capacity and technology enhancement. CN Water is your ideal partner to evaluate your legacy water assets operations / upgradation across multiple parameters such as quality, compliance, consistency, robustness and safety, while minimizing your TCO and carbon footprint. We offer a detailed technical assessment of across customer sites to:

  • Capture current state of design, construction and operational practices at various sites
  • Compare current state with best practice and minimum requirements
  • Identify gaps and prioritize addressing of those gaps
  • Enable the harmonization of water systems across multiple sites
Engineering Assessment