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BWT’s aim is to deliver the best water quality for any application, with a level of sophistication that ensures greater safety, quality and cost effectiveness. It delivers the highest standards of hygiene safety in pharmaceutical and hygienic water for industrial processes.

Sophisticated products


Supporting all water purity needs

By partnering with BWT, CN Water offers you a wide product range, from pre-treatment to point of use. Whether Purified Water, Water for Injection or Pure Steam are required, whether the focus is on pretreatment, production or storage, BWT has a solution.

We provide the ideal treatment system and the appropriate system design and implementation solution right up to the point of use. All our services from design to operations and end-of-life support are always in accordance with BWT standards.

BWT Pharma Water Products

From pre-treatment to point of use

BWT Pharma Water Products

BWT Hygienic Water Products

Serving a wide range of industrial needs

BWT Hygienic Water Products

Hygienic water is a critical component of the manufacturing industry – especially in food & beverage and personal care. BWT offers world-class water purification and filtration products for a wide variety of industries, to meet a wide variety of requirements – such as drinking water, boilers, cooling, air conditioning, heating systems, laboratories, rinsing in manufacturing processes, steamers, cleaning sensitive surfaces, etc.

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