Hygienic Water: Products Hygienic Water: Products

Hygienic Water: Products

As a strategic partner to BWT, our products follow stringent guidelines to ensure that production is far beyond threshold values. We offer world-class products that create optimum hygienic water quality for a diverse range of applications.

Hygienic Water: Products


Innovative technologies for water optimization

Hygienic water quality will have an important bearing not only on the quality of the products that are made with it, but also on the efficiency of the production process. The wrong water quality can impact quality and incur costs. CN Water brings you world-class hygienic water products from BWT for a wide variety of industrial water systems, whether for filtering particles and impurities,

protecting pipework from deposits and calcification or providing silky-​soft BWT pearly water for greater efficiency or better resource conservation. CN Water complements BWT products with a strong understanding of regional and local water conditions in India and advises customers on specific equipment and products to ensure optimized water quality.


Softening, ozonation and UV filtration

Pre-treatment of source water and conversion to potable water requires a complex set of technologies that can handle varying levels of contamination and challenging raw water conditions. CN Water offers a combination of BWT products and its own custom solutions to handle varying source water challenges.